Important information regarding covid-19.

We are following local and National rules

regarding covid-19.

We have taken Measures to ensure you a safe stay 

at our restaurant, with  clear rutines for cleaning and disinfection.

 Our staff is updated on current rules and regulations.

Measures we have Taken: 

Plenty of space between tables and chairs, extra and thorough cleaning with focus on disinfecting often touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, handles toilets etc.

We provider hand sanitizer at several places and at entry and exit.

We also Use safespot Guest registration

Please register at the door, use hand sanitizer and maintain proper distance to others (1m) 

Restrictions are set to no entry after 22.00 and national serving-stop at 00.00

Please maintain at your table as much as possible.

We have set a limit of 100 persons, until further notice.Maximum party size are set to 10 persons!